30 January 2013

Improving your Programming

Recently I (literally) stumbled upon a website called CodeSchool.
CodeSchool is a place to learn and practise basics of a few programming languages and frameworks (most of them web related). They use an interesting way to teach, first they tell you to watch a video, that explains the theory of a lesson and after that you have to complete a few basic hands on challenges. I took the opportunity and did their Try Git course. A few hours after completing this course I was offered to try the premium courses for 48 hours. So I did two courses about HTML5 and CSS3 which where a good for refreshing my knowledge in this area.
I liked their form of teaching, while it isn't a supplement for real practise, it still helped me remember things allot more. There is just a huge difference between hearing about the syntax of a command and having to look it up because you need it for something.
If you are interested in learning things like R, Git, Ruby, jQuery or Node.js, give CodeSchool a try. To see the coursed I completed you can check my score card.

Another thing I recently found was Project Euler. While learning programming I always felt a lack of real challenges in programming. Most things we did in school weren’t about coming up with creative solutions for a problem, but mostly just very straight forward stuff (program a command line calculator). Project Euler is a collection of interesting problems to improve problem solving and algorithm design skills. It can also be very useful in practising a new programming language. I solved the first few problems with the use of python and tried to learn it that way.
If you seek a challenge in programming I would really recommend Project Euler to you!

At the time of this post I have solved 20 problems. Below you can see my current counter.